Program for the August 7, 2015, OAS meeting

Astrophotography Without a Telescope

By Bill Bond


The presentation may be interesting for those who have an interest in astrophotography, but who don't have the budget to get a telescope primarily for astrophotography. For example, I use my 13" Dobsonian for all my observing and outreach events, but it isn't good for astrophotography. The first part of my presentation will be on the setup that I use for the photographic work. I'll bring everything in and explain how it sets up, how I have to get it polar aligned and other experiences I have had with it. The second part of the presentation will be a power point program with pictures using film and digital cameras and several different focal length lenses. I'll discuss a little bit about the length of exposure, ISO and other parts of the process involved in taking the photos. In this part I'll also have a number of photos of different objects.

Speaker Bio:

I've been interested in astronomy since I was a scout at Camp Cedars and was shown M31 and told it was the furthest thing one could see with unaided vision. I joined the club in 1995, after going to NSP 3 without a telescope. I meet Richard Karohl, who had his 6 and 10 inch Dobsonians. We became good friends and have been camping together at NSP ever since. My first telescope was a 5" Celestron SCT. Still have the scope, but I use the wedge and tripod more than the scope. In 2001, I got my Coulter blue tube 13". Toted it around in the back of my truck until 2009 when Clark Cheney helped me convert it to it's current truss tube design.