Program for the April 3, 2015, OAS meeting

The Colonization of Mars

By Wolf and Rob Norgren


Ever since ancient times, Man has been intrigued by the Red planet. The technology and science for exploring and settling Mars has been developed only recently. Wolf’s part of the presentation will discuss various ways of reaching, and later settling and terraforming the planet while Rob’s part will discuss the biological challenges inherent in colonizing another world.

Speaker Bio:

Rob and Wolf Norgren joined OAS in 2013, and have had lifelong interests in astronomy. Wolf has been very interested in space exploration, and is considering a career in aerospace engineering. Rob grew up during the Apollo Space Program and has a vivid memory of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. He was fortunate to live in Tucson which had relatively dark skies and a great astronomy tradition. In a recent family vacation, we traveled to New Mexico where we saw Spaceport America and Tucson where we visited Kitt Peak Observatory and did some observing during their special night program