Program for the February 6, 2015, OAS meeting

Web Cam Imaging

By Mark Pryor


This presentation will include the following information:

Equipment needed for image acquisition.

Equipment setup.

Weather considerations.

Software requirements for capture and processing.

Speaker Bio:

I have been interested in astronomy for quite a while but only got active in 2012 and purchased a Celestron 6SE which is an alt/az goto telescope. I am interested in the photographic/imaging hobby as well so applying this to astronomy was a natural progression. We now have 2 more telescopes, an 11 inch Schmidt Cassegrain and a 4 inch refractor.

My wife Donna and I joined OAS in January 2012 and immediately got involved with outreach.

The Moon and Saturn are our favorite things to observe in the night sky but the look on some one's face and their expression the first time they look through a telescope to see these objects is even better.