Program for the January 2, 2015, OAS meeting

Celestial Mechanics

By Louis Dorland


Celestial Mechanics is the branch of Astronomy that studies the motions of celestial bodies. From ground work laid by Copernicus, Kepler and their predecessors to insights from Newton, Lagrange and others, we will begin looking at the classical perspective of what moves the Universe.

Speaker Bio:

Louis first joined the OAS in February 1992. He is a Past Vice-President and Past President of the OAS. Currently, Louis is the OAS Program Chair. His fascination with Astronomy reaches back to early grade school when he can remember observing a partial Solar Eclipse using pin-hole projection. He still enjoys tracking sunspots using eye-piece projection with his 6” Criterion Dynascope. Louis also has an 8” Celstron SCT that he uses for solar system objects, double stars and those pesky “faint-fuzzies.” His favorite astronomical activity would involve a Lafuma recliner, the peak of a Persied Meteor Storm and clear dark skies.