Program for the November 7, 2014, OAS meeting

Light Pollution

By Wayne Boeck


Explanation of light pollution and how it affects everyone from energy costs/wastes to trespass. Satellite images of the extent of past, present and future light pollution. Examples of how to control light pollution through local city ordinances by using different fixtures and through education. Multiple examples of local good and bad lighting throughout Omaha and several videos showing effects of light pollution.

Speaker Bio:

Wayne first became interested in astronomy during the return of the Halley's Comet in 1986 and a trip to the Lincoln Hyde Park where he observed Saturn. He joined the Omaha Astronomical Society in 1995. His first real telescope was an 8” Meade Dobsonian purchased from an advertisement in Sky and Telescope magazine. He became interested in making telescopes. Wayne has built several Dobsonians and a refractor. In 2012, he obtained his Messier Observing Award. Currently Wayne is an avid astro-photographer. He still likes building astronomy related gear and many other aspects of amateur astronomy, including public astronomy outreach events.