Program for the October 3, 2014, OAS meeting

Astronomy Using a Web-based Telescope

By Steve Skinner


Steve's presentation will feature a live connection to the Canary Island telescopes, weather permitting, and he will show some of the collection of 65 deep-sky objects he has photographed with the SLOOH telescopes. Both pros and cons of using a web-based telescope will be considered throughout the presentation.

Speaker Bio:

Steve recently joined the OAS though his interest in astronomy can not be considered recent. Steve is a retired high school physics teacher who has used his Celestron C-90 to deliver astronomy to small groups of family and friends over the last 40 years. Steve’s interest in instructional uses of computers, and digital electronics in astronomy have spurred his current focus on web-based telescopes and amateur spectroscopy. Steve has been using the SLOOH telescopes in the Canary Islands over the last three months to view and take photographs of Messier and NGC objects.