Program for the August 8, 2014, OAS meeting

Sun to Die... Details This Weekend!

By Rev. Gary Fugman


Our star, the Sun, is constant now. But what will the Sun become in the future? We will look at variable stars by review of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and a short segment of Sky and Telescope's video production "Guide to the Universe". Then, variable star classification will be discussed leading to a "lab" experience by all using AAVSO charts and variable star images taken by Gary with his CCD camera and 17.5" reflecting telescope in Decatur NE.

Speaker Bio:

Rev. Gary Fugman got interested in astronomy after a 5th grade planetarium show in Peoria IL. To date making over 3000 variable star observations, Gary joined the American Association of Variable Star Observers in 1978. Gary has helped construct a 12.5" f/8 and a 17.5" f/4.5 Newtonian reflecting telescopes, both of which he still operates in Lyons and Decatur NE. He has taught adult continuing education classes in astronomy in Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska, most recently at NECC's West Point campus. He founded Northeast Nebraska Astronomy Club (NENAC) (http://nenacstars.wordpress.com) in March 2007 that meets in both Lyons and Decatur. Gary is a theologian, astronomer, musician and painter who makes his home in Decatur with his wife of 34 years, Sharon.