Program for the March 7, 2014, OAS meeting

A Brief History of Cosmology

By Louis Dorland


A brief review of some of the developments in cosmology.  From the Babylonians through Aristotle, Copernicus, Newton, Hubble and beyond.  

Speaker Bio:

Louis first joined the OAS in February 1992.  He is a Past Vice-President and Past President of the OAS. Currently, Louis is the OAS Program Chair.  His fascination with Astronomy reaches back to early grade school when he can remember observing a partial Solar Eclipse using pin-hole projection.  He still enjoys tracking sunspots using eye-piece projection with his 6” Criterion Dynascope.  Louis also has an 8” Celstron SCT that he uses for solar system objects, double stars and those pesky “faint-fuzzies.”  His favorite astronomical activity would involve a Lafuma recliner, the peak of a Persied Meteor Storm and clear dark skies.